MLSS 2014, Reykjavik
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MLSS Application Instructions

To apply for MLSS, fill and submit the application form at Applying for travel support is done on the same form (questions at the bottom of the form). Please note that it is not possible to update your application once submitted. The application deadline has now passed, but late applications may be accepted to a reserve list.

Items needed to apply:

  • Personal information
  • Affiliation information
  • Academic background and description of research interests
  • Resume (free-form, preferably compact, no specific format)
  • Tentative poster title/abstract
  • Contact information for Letter of Recommendation. It is mandatory for students. For knowledgeable professionals, you can of course for example name yourself as the contact.
  • Application for financial support (optional), only for students

Important Dates

All dates and times are in UTC (time zone converter).  Deadlines are strict, and at 23:59 UTC on the specified date.

Application system opens15 October 2013
Application deadline15 November 2013
Deadline for reference letters22 November 2013
Admission notification by:31 December 2013
Registration deadline:31 January 2014

Registration Fees

Academics: 540 EUR
Industry: 740 EUR
Students: 300 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply and who is this school intended for?

    Anyone can apply; the student application deadline is 15 November. The summer school is targeted for students (specially at a master/PhD level), academics (faculty, researchers and postdoctoral researchers) and professionals. In your application you should describe why you are interested in attending the summer school.

    This school is suitable for all levels, both for people without previous knowledge in Machine Learning, and those wishing to broaden their expertise in this area. It will allow the participants to get in touch with international experts in this field. Exchange of students, joint publications and joint projects will result because of these interactions.

    For students, the summer school provides a unique, high-quality, and intensive period of study. It is ideally suited for students currently pursuing, or intending to pursue, research in Machine Learning or related fields. It will also allow research students to present recent research results through poster presentations.

    Professionals who use Machine Learning will find that the summer school provides relevant knowledge and exposure to contemporary techniques. In addition, they will benefit by direct interaction with top-notch researchers and knowledge workers. Previous experience indicates that personnel from both the industry as well as national laboratories benefit immensely from the school.

    For academics, the summer school is an excellent opportunity to help getting started in research on novel topics in Machine Learning. It provides an ideal forum for networking and discussions. Academics will also benefit from interaction with IT professionals which will lead to a deeper understanding of real life problems.

  • Will late applications be accepted?

    We expect there to be more demand than seats. It is possible to get to a reserve list with a late application.

  • When am I expected to pay the fees?

    Applicants who have been admitted to the summer school will have to pay the corresponding fees by January 31, 2014.

    The registration fee covers the access to the scientific program (all lectures, talks, and poster sessions) and all social events with minor exceptions. The fee does not cover accommodation costs. The fee covers lunch on weekends but not weekdays.

Questions About Travel Support

  • Who can apply for financial support?

    Only students can apply for financial support. Students who have already attended a previous edition of the Machine Learning Summer School cannot apply.

  • Who should apply for financial support?

    Financial support will be given in priority to students who would not be able to attend the summer school without financial help or a registration fee waiver, despite having an excellent academic background and a previously demonstrated interest in machine learning or any related discipline.

    We particularly have in mind students registered in universities with limited means or students travelling from countries far away from Iceland.

    Please keep in mind that any request for support needs to be addressed and explained by your referee in the reference letter.

  • Who will get financial support?

    We will first screen applicants based on academic background, regardless of their wish to receive support. Once the list of accepted applicants has been decided, we will allocate what amount we have by weighting it based on need.

  • What will be covered by financial support?

    Financial support will be given to cover partially either or both the registration fee and accommodation costs. If funds are available, partial travel support might also be provided.

Questions about travel and accommodation

See the local information and accommodation pages.

Additional questions

  • Will you offer wi-fi in the lecture hall?

    All attendees will have free access to Wifi through Reykjavik University for the duration of the summer school. You will be given the access credentials as part of your packets when checking in at MLSS.

  • What options are there for meals?

    Reykjavik University operates a cafeteria during the week. Attendees will be able to choose from a daily special, a vegetarian option, and usually a daily soup special. In addition, sandwiches are available for purchase. Prices run from about 4eur up to about 7-8eur for the entrees.

    On the weekends during MLSS, the cafeteria would normally not be operating, so we will provide a catered lunch those days, with the costs being included in the cost of registration. The food options will be similar to those during the week.

    Finally, attendees who wish to may visit a nearby restaurant, Nauthóll, located just adjacent to the university.

  • What should be my budget for meals?

    Lunches (during the week): approximately 5-8eur for meal.
    Lunches (on weekends): 0eur (included in registration).

    For dinner, aside from a couple of small social outings, attendees are on their own for dinner in the evenings. Reyjavik has a large variety of restaurants available. On the cheap end, there are several places serving sandwiches, pizza, kebabs, etc. for reasonable prices (around 1000 ISK for a sub-sandwich or a large pizza, for instance). Prices in nicer restaurants are generally a little more expensive than an average European city. An entree in a mid-range restaurant might be 2000 ISK, up to 3-4000 for more expensive entrees like lamb or good fish.

Additional frequently asked questions will be added here later.

Local Contact Email Address

The local contact email address for MLSS is